Our Dog Training Services

“Helping people is my business. helping dogs is my passion.”

Preston is an expert at recognizing the meanings behind dog behavior. He has trained dogs in agility courses and worked in multiple boarding facilities where dogs can be highly stimulated and the group dynamic is constantly changing. In these kinds of conditions any lapse of judgment or lack of leadership can be dangerous, regardless of the dogs’ history or how they were screened. In addition to this, stress on a dog can be detrimental to their health, so knowing how to build a dog’s confidence is paramount.

Preston has worked with hundreds of rescue dogs who have lived in cages their whole lives and shown them that humans can be affectionate and loving.

He is a military veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He draws much of his sense of discipline and work ethic from his time in the service. After the military, Preston was hired on to a dog ranch that doubled as a rescue. He had experience training dogs and was able to control up to 90 at a time in a large open field with a pond and an open door leading to sofas and dens.

During his time working with thousands of dogs from puppy mills, street rescues, and champion breeders; he became aware of the immense need for educating owners. Many of the rescue dogs he had personally worked with would be returned due to behavioral problems and many of the border dogs would get kicked out due to the same. These are devastating events for the dogs and the people. He soon decided he would do everything in his power to help people prevent these kinds of stresses.

Rehabilitating dogs is a science. Every dog is a unique creature and every dog needs a personalized formula to realize its full potential. The proper dose of the correct action administered at the right moment differs for every dog. Having a balanced training approach allows Preston to build methods around your dog, rather than insist they respond to robotic routines. Whether it’s pent up energy, anxiety, or any combination of things, he treats the cause rather than the symptoms. This is accomplished by understanding the source of the problem and helping you to implement preventative measures.