Walking your dog is without a doubt one of the most important things you can do for your dog. It helps expel excess energy, relieves boredom, and if done correctly, will strengthen your bond and solidify you as the leader. These same principles carry over into the home and public places. Here are some videos of a few dogs Preston has worked with in the Dallas Forth Worth and Surrounding Areas.

Huey is a rescue who was terrified of leashes. So much to the point that his mom had to carry him to the vet and anywhere else he needed to go! This is his first walk EVER. Congratulations, Mom and Huey!

June is another rescue who needed some help on her walks. She was pulling and barking at anything moving and sometimes even at nothing! It was especially difficult to take her around children. Here you can see her on her best behavior after applying the proper tools and technique. Way to go, Mom and June!

Andy is a German Shepherd who has shown aggression and even bitten people. He was especially difficult on walks and showed a strong prey drive towards anything moving. Here you can see his first walk with the proper tools and techniques. Great job, Mom and Andy!